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10 Castles In United Kingdom Which Reflect The Charismatic Heritage Of The Country!

The United Kingdom is more than just a country for most of the world. This one country colonized several countries, started revolutions, industrialisation and is the superpower behind the world’s development. But something which fascinates everyone about the United Kingdom is the rich history that it comes with. The castles in United Kingdom, age-old buildings, customs, traditions, and the picturesque towns make it a dream holiday destination.

Experience the royalty of the country by visiting these 10 castles in United Kingdom and explore the ancient heritage of these man-made architectural wonders.

1. Dover Castle

Dover Castle

One of the most iconic castles in United Kingdom, Dover Castle is a definite winner when it comes to architecture and history. The castle has been in existence from the past 9 centuries and the strong fortress still stands tall. If you visit the Dover Castle, you can be sure of having have a fantastic, action-packed day. The castle has an underground hospital, secret wartime tunnels, artifacts on display and more.

Location: Castle Hill, Kent
Timing: 10 am to 5 pm, open on all days
Entry Fee: 20 £ (adults), 12 £ (children – 5 to 17 years)

2. Warkworth Castle

Warkworth Castle

WarkWorth Castle is one of the most visited castles in United Kingdom. A part of the castle has been converted into a hermitage and now is home to several people. The property rests on a hilltop next to River Croquet and is very impressive. While walking through the corridors of the castle, it feels like you’re a part of royalty. This castle was once the humble abode of “Harry Hotspur”, a rebel lord who was glorified by Shakespeare.

Location: Warkworth, Northumberland
Timing: 10 am to 5 pm, open on all days
Entry Fee: 6.80 £ (adults), 4.10 £ (children – 5 to 17 years)

3. Portchester Castle

Portchester Castle

If you’re someone who likes to dabble in history a little but would prefer a relaxed day out, then Portchester Castle is a must visit. It is one of the famous castles in England, United Kingdom and has the perfect setting for a picnic. The castle was built in the 3rd century by the Romans and as of now, is the only intact “Saxon shore” fort. You can take the guided tour, enjoy the various exhibitions and then lounge in the large, well-manicured gardens for lunch or games.

Location: Portchester, Hampshire
Timing: 10 am to 5 pm, open on all days
Entry Fee: 6.90 £ (adults), 4.10 £ (children – 5 to 17 years)

4. Bolsover Castle

Bolsover Castle

Of all the United Kingdom castles, this one castle made itself known as the castle meant for entertainment. The lavish rooms, lush gardens and the magnificent view from the terrace always kept the Royals entertained. You’ll be amazed by its beauty as soon as the wall walk begins! It is a lovely place with some horsemanship shows and offers great food during teatime.

Location: Bolsover, Derbyshire
Timing: 10 am to 5 pm, open pm all days
Entry Fee: 11.30 £ (adults), 6.80 £ (children – 5 to 17 years)

5. Leeds Castle

Leeds Castle

Since the year 1086, Leeds Castle has stood its ground and has always been a favourite of the Kings and Queens. The castle has a museum for dog collars, with the largest collections recorded till date. There is also a huge maze, golf course and two adventure parks for children. Any trip to the United Kingdom isn’t complete without spending a day at Leeds Castle.

Location: Kent, England
Timing: 10 am to 5 pm, open on all days
Entry Fee: 25.50 £ (adults), 22.50 £ (senior citizens and children – 5 to 17 years)

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6. Tintagel Castle

Tintagel Castle

A visit to Tintagel Castle is nothing less than mythical and magical. The castle has raised many eyebrows with its history and the myths that surround various Kings or Lords who stayed here. However, it is also admired for the scenic long drive that takes people to the castle and its architecture. It is believed that several writers and painters used to flock here for inspiration. If you’re visiting the castle, you can also walk down to the beach or have a picnic in the wild countryside.

Location: Tintagel, Cornwall
Timing: 10 am to 5 pm, open on all days
Entry Fee: 9.50 £ (adults), 5.70 £ (children – 5 to 17 years)
The castle is closed till April 2019 due to the construction of a new bridge.

7. Bodiam Castle

Bodiam Castle

The Bodiam Castle was built to defend England from the French invasion during the Hundred Years’ war. It is one of the best castles to visit in the United Kingdom. The castle is surrounded by an artificial waterbody and the architecture is very impressive. For those who like to know about wars and invasions, the castle has a huge display about of defence mechanism of the old times.

Location: Robertsbridge, East Sussex
Timing: 11 am to 5 pm, open on all days
Entry Fee: 10.80 £ (adults), 5.40 £ (children – 5 to 17 years)

8. Kenilworth Castle

Kenilworth Castle

The 900 years old castle is one of the best castles in the United Kingdom. It was built to woo Queen Elizabeth I and since then has been a very important cultural place for the royals. The Elizabethan Garden, Leicester’s Gatehouse, the Tower and the Great Hall are a few marvels in the castle. It is indeed a very beautiful castle and a must visit.

Location: Kenilworth, Warwickshire
Timing: 10 am to 5 pm, open on all days
Entry Fee: 11.30 £ (adults), 6.80 £ (children – 5 to 17 years)

9. Warwick Castle

Warwick Castle

The famous Warwick Castle is managed by the Tussauds Group and promises lots and lots of fun and thrill to all of its visitors. The building now has various wax figures of all the Kings and Queens. The main attractions are the Princess tower, the Dungeon, the Maze, the Time Tower, and the Mighty Trebuchet.

Location: Warwickshire
Timing: 10 am to 4 pm (weekdays), 10 am to 6 pm (weekends), open on all days
Entry Fee: 18 £
Flash sale on tickets – 40% on tickets booked online between 21st October and 4th November 2018

10. Carisbrooke Castle

Carisbrooke Castle

The Carisbrooke Castle has played many roles. It was first an artillery fortress, then a prison for a King and lastly the summer residence for Royals. The castle is famous for the Edwardian Garden, Princess Beatrice Garden, Chapel, and the museum. The wall walk will allow you to have the most stunning view of the Isle of Wight.

Location: Newport, Isle of Wight
Timing: 10 am to 5 pm, open on all days
Entry Fee: 10 £ (adults), 6 £ (children – 5 to 17 years)

These castles are an important part of the United Kingdom’s history as well as culture. A trip to these castles will let you find out more about the royals and experience a tiny bit of their opulent lifestyle. If you’re up for a holiday amidst these historical heritages, then plan your much awaited holiday to United Kingdom with TravelTriangle!

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8 Spellbinding Lakes In Israel That Should Be On Your Itinerary

The desert land of Israel is extremely blessed with numerous water bodies. The unpredictable changes in Israel’s landscapes ranging from dense foliage to natural rock formations, canyons and desert are all a result of the water sources that surround the country. The natural springs in the valleys give rise to the main river Jordan and its tributaries that ultimately flow into the Sea of Galilee. Shallow depressions in the lowest point of the earth have given rise to extremities such as freshwater lakes to hypersaline sea in Israel. Here is a guide on a few lakes in Israel that are no less than a natural phenomenon.

The following list of lakes in Israel is bound to tempt one to visit them sooner or later. Scroll down and pick the ones you’d definitely want to explore with your special someone!

1. Sea of Galilee

Sea of Galilee

This inland body of water is located in the Galilee region of northern Israel. A basin filled with more than seventeen different natural springs in the Galilee valley has led to the formation of the Sea of Galilee. This freshwater lake spanning across 165 km has a major emphasis in the Holy Bible. It is also called as the Lake of Kinneret based on the name of a neighboring land believed to be the haven for the earliest known mankind.

The rocky beaches around this lake offer visitors a few water sports such as kayaking and kite surfing. Being the largest freshwater lake in Israel and one of the major seas of Israel, this reservoir is a major source of drinking water to Israel after the river Jordan. The areas around the lake are also quite popular for their nature reserves and hot springs.

Location: The Sea of Galilee is situated in the Jordan rift valley in Northern Israel.

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2. Hula Lake

Hula Lake

The Lake Hula is a reservoir formed in the marshy lands of Hula valley in the upper Galilee region of northern Israel. It was a major source of water to the agricultural lands around it which are now a part of the Hula Valley Nature Reserve. It is a freshwater lake and a major hotspot for more than 400 species of birds in Israel. One can always find the European migrating birds and mammals such as water buffaloes near the lake.

The nature reserve is open for public for a nominal entrance fee and visitors can rent a bike to explore it. The Hula valley is also a significant archeological site that hosts many museums and ancient ruins. One can even opt for a day hike in the Hula valley where one can come across some beautiful waterfalls such as Eshed Falls.

Location: The Hula lake is 7 km away from Yesod Hamaala junction near Kiryat Shmona.

3. Lake Ram

Lake Ram

Lake Ram or Birket Ram is a reservoir formed in an extinct volcanic crater. It is more of a pond than a lake formed due to the freshwater streams flowing down from Mount Hermon. It is a source of water to the neighboring areas. Situated in the Golan Heights, it makes a beautiful picnic spot in the spring with lots of apple and peach trees around.

The area around the lake is considered to be an archaeological site where possessions from the early bronze age have been excavated. However, there are quite a few activities to indulge in near the lake such as the bamboo park which is a camping site and the Nimrod fortress. One can even hike up to the Banias waterfall from here.

Location: Route 99, Masada, South Golan Heights, Israel

4. Dead Sea

Dead Sea

Located in the lowest point on earth in the Judean desert, one can find a basin of turquoise water teeming with high salt content. This hypersaline watering hole is called the Dead Sea which is a nature’s marvel. Naturally, mineral-rich mud found at the bed of the sea provides for a great therapeutic treatment to the skin. The sea is deficient of any form of life existence and the high saline content of the sea brings about the natural resilience to drown.

Water streams flow from the valleys and join the sea but there is no outlet for the water from the sea to flow elsewhere. The evaporation of the water in the dry humid heat of the desert leads to the formation of the visible rock salts that are found on the shores of the Dead Sea. Kalia beach is a popular tourist spot to experience this wonder of water. The sea basically has no use as a water body to country unlike other lakes in Israel.

Location: Dead Sea rift valley, Israel

5. Rishon Lezion Lake

Rishon Lezion Lake

It is an artificial lake created to harvest rainwater in the city of Rishon Letzion in Israel. It is located a few kilometers south of the capital of Israel, Tel Aviv; near a famous amusement park in the city. In recent years, migratory birds and water birds such as seagulls and hornbills have been spotted near the lake. Apart from these, a lot of trees and flowers have set their roots in the lake. A few museums and nature parks are in the vicinity of the lake area that can be explored by the visitors.

Location: Sderot Maryland 5, Rishon Letzion, Israel

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6. Alona Water Tunnels

Alona Water Tunnels

Not a conventional lake but a reservoir at that, the water tunnels were built during Roman times to guide the waters from the natural mountain springs to the cities around. The tunnel is 35 km long and is open for tourists for at least a few meters. Though it contains spring water, the water is muddy and unfit for drinking. Guided tours are available to take a look at the ancient canals and one has to wade through waist-high waters to explore the archeological site. It also goes by the name Mie Kedam (ancient water) and is a popular tourist site. A museum is constructed in the periphery to showcase the history and use of the water tunnels.

Location: Haifa-Carmel Valley, Israel

7. Agam Montfort Lake


Agam Montfort Lake is partially man-made that sits in the middle of Galilee valley. It is situated in the middle of a garden and park that is open for public with no admission fee. The name comes from the ruined Crusader castle nearby. It is one of the most visited lakes in Israel by the locals. One can go for a boardwalk around the lake or go kayaking in the lake. Beautiful wooden bridges are erected to join the sides of the lake where one can admire the beauty of ducks swimming around. A children’s park and a skating rink are built adjacent to the lake in the gardens.

Location: Ma’alot Tarshiha, Israel

8. Rosh Hanikra Lake

Rosh Hanikra Lake

Rosh Hanikra Lake is situated in the western Galilee valley of Israel. It shares the coastline of one of the major seas in Israel – the mediterranean sea with Lebanon. Boat tours from the Achziv bay take one up to the Lebanese border. The alluring sea seems to have created limestone grottos and caves near the coast which makes it a tourist destination. Cable cars take visitors to the caves from the cliff where one can feast their eyes on the colors the clear waters have created in the grottos. A light and sound show plays every day in the grottos giving the visitors a chance to learn the history and formation of the beautiful Rosh Hanikra lake.

Location: It is a 10-minute ride up the road 8 away from Nahariya.

With so many natural wonders in this land of desert and rocks, these lakes in Israel provide a calming perception to the travelers. So, think no more, pack your bags, and book your trip with TravelTriangle today to encounter the hypersalinity of the Dead Sea, the cooling spring water of Galilee, and others from this list of Israel lakes.

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10 Portugal Resorts So Lavish That You Cannot Help But Feel Spoilt For Choice!

Boasting of a shimmering coastline that stretches upto a length of about 800 kilometers, Portugal is famous for its rocky shores, soft sand beaches, arched coves, and luxurious resorts. Letting the travelers relish the true essence of the local culture and lifestyle, take a look at some of the best Portugal resorts that will wrap you in luxury like none other and serve as the perfect choice where beach holidays are done just right!

10. Pestana Viking

Pestana Viking

Call yourself a Shopaholic? Then book a stay at the Pestana Viking which happens to be one of the best Portugal beach resorts. Surrounded by umpteen number of shops, boutiques, and restaurants, this upscale restaurant is one of the best choices for foodies as well.

Tariff Per Night: INR 7,450 (on double-sharing basis)
Location: Praia Senhora da Rocha, Porches/Lagoa, 8400-450 Armação de Pêra, Portugal
Website | Reviews

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9. Amendoeira Golf Resort

Amendoeira Golf Resort Portugal

Located at a distance of just 35 minutes from the Faro Airport, Amendoeira is one of the much famed golf resorts in Portugal that also features a well-equipped golf shop. Offering luxury accommodation at affordable prices, Amendoeira Golf Resort is indeed a palatial property inside-out in terms of looks and services.

Tariff Per Night: INR 11,360 (on double-sharing basis)
Location: Amendoeira Golf Resort, Morgado da Lameira, 8365-302 Alcantarilha, Algarve, Portugal
Website | Reviews

8. Cascade Wellness & Lifestyle Resort

Cascade Wellness & Lifestyle Resort Portugal

Set at a distance of just two kilometers from the beach of Praia Dona Ana, Cascade Wellness & Lifestyle Resort is one of the best Portugal resorts with a view to die for. Perched atop a cliff, the resort not only offers breathtaking views of the Atlantic Ocean but also treats its guests to some of the best spa therapies.

Tariff Per Night: INR 11,800 (on double-sharing basis)
Location: R. das Ilhas, 8600-513 Lagos, Portugal
Website | Reviews

7. Epic Sana Algarve

Epic Sana Algarve Portugal

In search of one of the best Portugal holiday resorts that is located at a walking distance from a pristine beach? Then look no further than the resort of Epic Sana Algarve. Nestled in the heart of Algarve, this plush resort is seven minutes away from the Praia da Falesia beach. Combining luxury with convenience, choose to stay at any of the ocean-view rooms for the best experience.

Tariff Per Night: INR 13,800 (on double-sharing basis)
Location: Aldeia da Falésia, 8200-593 Albufeira, Portugal
Website | Reviews

6. Anantara Vilamoura

Anantara Vilamoura Portugal

Featuring lush green golf courses spread across vast landscapes, Anantara Vilamoura undoubtedly serves as one of the best family resorts in Portugal. From pools to cabanas, from fine dining to nightlife, and from dedicated clubs to pristine beaches, Anantara Vilamoura offers everything that a family needs on a perfect beach vacation.

Tariff Per Night: INR 17,400 (on double-sharing basis)
Location: Victoria Gardens, Av. dos Descobrimentos, nº 0, 8125-309 Vilamoura, Portugal
Website | Reviews

5. Pine Cliffs Ocean Suites, Algarve

Pine Cliffs Ocean Suites, Algarve

Being one of the well-known properties of the Luxury Collection Resort & Spa, Pine Cliffs Ocean Suites also happens to be one amongst the many Portugal resorts that are known for their lavish golf courses. Serving the best of modern luxury and breathtaking views, Pine Cliffs Ocean Suites also offers its guests a private access to the famous Falésia Beach.

Tariff Per Night: INR 18,700 (on double-sharing basis)
Location: Av. da Praia da Falésia, 8200-909 Albufeira, Portugal
Website | Reviews

4. Vilalara Thalassa Resort

Vilalara Thalassa Resort Portugal

Perched high on the Praia das Gaivota cliffs, Vilalara Thalassa is one of the most exotic and best Portugal resorts that happens to be a perfect choice for honeymooners. Located at a distance of just eight kilometers from Zoomarine Algarve, the resorts offers beachfront location, romantic dining facilities with an amazing sunset in the backdrop, and a great range of couple activities to choose from.

Tariff Per Night: INR 20,900 (on double-sharing basis)
Location: 8365-118 Armação de Pêra, Portugal
Website | Reviews

3. Vale do Lobo

Portugal Resorts

Boasting of its age-old architecture that dates back to the 1960s, Vale do Lobo is one of the fascinating Portugal resorts that was built keeping the interest of golf enthusiasts in mind. Located in the posh region of Algarve, the resort not only features luxury accommodation along with two grand golf courses but also offers apartments for holiday rentals.

Tariff Per Night: INR 25,200 (on double-sharing basis)
Location: Vale do Lobo, 8135-864 Loulé, Portugal
Website | Reviews

2. Martinhal Sagres Family Resort

Martinhal Sagres Family Resort

Located at a distance of just a stone’s throw from the beach, Martinhal Sagres Family Resort is one of the renowned 5-star properties of all the Portugal beach resorts. Comprising of spacious rooms that offer breathtaking breathtaking views, villas with private balconies, five massive pools, tennis courts, and much more, this resort is a complete package that a family looks forward to on a fun vacation.

Tariff Per Night: INR 27,000 (on double-sharing basis)
Location: Q.ta do Martinhal, 8650-908 Sagres, Portugal
Website | Reviews

1. Penha Longa Resort

Penha Longa Resort Portugal

Unique, exotic, and outlandish is what Penha Longa Resort is all about. Being one of the top resorts in Portugal, this impressive property is set amidst the lush gardens of Sintra-Cascais Nature Reserve. Surrounded by hills and natural beauty all around, it is the perfect choice for those who are looking forward to be spoilt for choice.

Tariff Per Night: INR 45,000 (on double-sharing basis)
Location: Estrada da Lagoa Azul, Linhó Sintra, 2714-511 Lisbon, Portugal
Website | Reviews

Fancy a stay? Then book your stay at one of these lavish Portugal resorts and live life king size on your next holiday at these exotic beach destination. So which one’s your favorite?

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10 Haunted Places In Israel That Will Give You Goosebumps For Sure!

Israel is the world’s leading authority on security and cyber intelligence, but no matter the progress in science and technology there are still haunted places in Israel that defy all logic! Israel has been the center of three religions – Judaism, Christianity, and Islam – over thousands of years and the religious books have warned to stay away from the Devil and his ways. Unfortunately, many places in Israel are plagued by the spirits from the otherworld, and we have listed out some of these most haunted places in Israel that will scare you to no end.

We bet you do not have the guts to visit these haunted places in Israel, especially once you read here what makes them so, and what is likely to happen when you get there!

1. The mass suicide of Masada

The mass suicide of Masada

Masada is one of Israel’s top tourist attractions; located on the edge of the Judean Desert it overlooks the Dead Sea. The entire region is a dry, bleak environment, so it’s not hard to imagine the living conditions of the ancient people who lived here. The Cliffs at Masada had a fortification built by Herod the Great back in 37 BCE. According to a Roman scholar, the Siege of Masada took place at the end of the Roman-Jewish War and resulted in the mass suicide of 960 Sicarii and their families. It is said that even today you can hear screams and apparitions of those who died in the siege making it one of the world’s most haunted places in Israel.

Location: Masada

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2. The hell of the Valley of Hinnom


The Valley of Hinnom near Jerusalem is also known as Gehenna, and eerily enough the name translates to Hell! Even the name for hell in the Quran ‘Jahannum’ is derived from Gehenna and the placed is supposed to be cursed since time immemorial. The name first appears in Bible verses and referred to this geographical area where children were sacrificed. Several theologians and scholars have researched on the mass sacrifice of children in this area by fire, way back into the 700 BC. Today, the region is populated by towns and cities and olive groves peppered in the hillside. Walking through the hills, one cannot help but imagine the cries of the young children who died there making it among the most haunted places in Israel.

Location: The Valley of Hinnom

3. The Haunted Synagogue of Israel


A synagogue is one of the most unlikely on the list of world’s most haunted places in Israel. Demons and ghosts are rarely found frequenting the hallowed halls of worship, however, the Ari Sefardi Synagogue in the city of Safed is a rare haunt. The synagogue was closed for worship for the longest time because whoever went inside for worship never returned. But a strange incident in 1921 took place, a Rabbi from Morocco known as Baba Sali visited the synagogue. He didn’t accept the haunted stories of the local Rabbi and decided to venture in himself. Miraculously, he went inside and returned alive! Since then the synagogue has been kept open for worship.

Location: HaAri St 100, Tsfat, Israel

4. The House of the Dead Groom of Jerusalem

The House of the Dead Groom of Jerusalem

This story is so unbelievable that it can only be true! In 1882, two wealthy Arab Catholic families had arranged the marriage of their children. They even got a house for the couple in Jerusalem, but unfortunately, the groom died on the day of the wedding under suspicious circumstances. Instead of mourning for the son, the parents got him married and then declared him dead, giving him a decent funeral! How they managed to do that is lost in history, but the house meant for the couple was later said to be haunted. It remained unoccupied for decades till the Jerusalem District Health Office took over and made it their office.

Location: 86, Jerusalem, 9137001, Israel

5. The Herodna Houses That Ward off the Devil

The Herodna Houses That Ward off the Devil

Jerusalem is an old city where pilgrims have arrived for millennia, so it’s not surprising that the locals believe that even the Devil pays a visit once in a while! It is rumored that the Devil is continuously trying ways to dig his way to Earth and find innocent people. It is to ward off the Devil’s scheming ways that the people who live in the Herodna Houses paint their doors blue. The blue will confuse the devil into thinking that he has reached too far into heaven and make him leave! With the number of ghosts whisperings and sighting along the street, it just seems like a good idea and not become like the other haunted houses in Israel!

Location: Batei Herodna, Jerusalem, Israel

6. The haunted office building of Clal Centre

The haunted office building of Clal Centre

The Clal Centre is a buzzing 15-story office tower and shopping mall on Jaffa Road in Jerusalem. It was the first such tower built in the city and gained a lot of interest among the locals. It might seem an odd place for ghosts to haunt but one look at the screens set up around the building showcase the story of the falling stones. It was rumored that there are members of the local mafia who were buried within the foundation of the building while it was being built. The ghosts of these mafia members continue to haunt passersby, and to protect them the screens have been put up! Also, the height of the tower has been attractive to those contemplating suicide!

Location: Jaffa St 97, Jerusalem, Israel

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7. The Horrors of the Russian Hospital

The Horrors of the Russian Hospital

Hospitals around the world have been haunted due to their connection with death. The old Russian Hospital in Jerusalem also met the same fate! The hospital was built as a part of the Russian Compound in 1860 to care for Russian pilgrims. Later in 1948, the hospital was used to care for Israeli troops in the war. Post the war, things fell apart, and it was said to be haunted by the ghosts of past. Security guards refused to patrol the area around the hospital and workers didn’t want to enter to renovate. After many prayer services by groups of Rabbis, the place was said to be free of ghosts and is now functions as a municipal office.

Location: Jerusalem Municipal Square

8. The Graveyard of Failed Businesses at Eini House

The Graveyard of Failed Businesses at Eini House

One look at the dilapidated Eini House on Agrippas Street might make you wonder about its history. Planned as a modern establishment for offices and businesses it gained the wrath of a local Rabbi who cursed it! Rabbi Shalom Sharabi was said to have cursed the building because it stood in the way of the rising sun, but the builder did not pay heed to the Rabbi and continued with the construction. However, whichever business was set up there failed to take off, and in a city riddled with superstitions, it didn’t take long for the building to be abandoned! The building is now just a ghost of its glorious past.

Location: 111 Agrippas Street

9. The Mind Bending Corridors of the Tel Aviv Central Bus Station

The Mind Bending Corridors

Worldwide Bus stations are open spaces where buses line up and pick and drop people from around the country. But it’s not so in Tel-Aviv! The Central Bus Station is like a maze of horror, built by Brutalist architect by Ram Karmi and is spread across 2.5 million square feet. The scariest of ghosts are the ones in your head, and the spooky corridors and nooks of the Central Bus Station offer enough fodder for your mind! The station even has a nuclear bunker underneath its belly. You can easily get lost in the bus station and never be able to find your way out, so be careful!

Location: Levinsky 108, Tel Aviv-Yafo, Israel

10. The horrors of the Nightmare Maze

The horrors of the Nightmare Maze

If you haven’t been able to get enough scares out of the above list of haunted places in Israel, then we suggest a quick detour to the NIGHTMARE. The Nightmare is one of the most haunted houses in Israel, and its maze is designed to ensure you really get all the scares of your money’s worth! If you can’t get out on your own, then all you have to do is shout ‘Nightmare,’ and the staff of the house will get you out. It is one of the most visited tourist attractions in Eilat and loved by people of all ages, both young and old.

Location: Derekh Yotam, Eilat, Israel

Intrigued by these stories? There’s no way you aren’t! So, when you take a trip to Israel, make sure you stop by these scary haunted places in Israel with your friends and put your bravery to the test! Also, don’t forget to tell us about your experience when you’re done.

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Restaurants In Russia: 9 Places To Sink Your Forks Into An Extraordinary Culinary Fare

With an assortment of amazing eating options available in Russia, there are many fancy restaurants where you can enjoy fine ding. There are places where the ambiance is like a never-ending party and at the same time, there are some fun family places where you can eat and enjoy the elegant atmosphere. Also, there are some quieter places to eat where people who love to enjoy their food in silence, can go and give their mouth a memorable treat. With amazing options of restaurants in Russia, there is something or the other for every food lover. You can stay assured of getting food of your taste here in Russia.

Picking the best restaurants in Russia is a tough choice with the assortment of restaurants available in Russia. From multi-cuisine to fast-food to international eateries, there is a lot, however here’s the list of the top ones that you can select for your holiday in Russia. Visiting all is not possible and it will cost your budget high. Choose any one or two based on your choice to taste the delicacies of Russia.

1. Café Pushkin

Café Pushkin

Café Pushkin is famous among the elites of Russia and they love to eat here. The design of the place is gorgeous with the architecture of the 19th century and décor is aristocratic. The food quality is great with impeccable services and of course, they serve the best Vodka. The charm of the place gets accentuated with the pre-Revolution atmosphere of the place. Be it the graceful flowery script of menu card or the décor, Pushkin is the place where you get the noble Russian treatment and you can enjoy your fine dining experience like a Tsar.

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2. Darbar Restaurant

Darbar Restaurant

Unlike the past, there are many Indian restaurants in Russia these days. With some amazingly interesting restaurants including Darbar, finding the authentic Indian food in Russia has become quite easy. Since Darbar took over one of the popular Indian food joint, Maharaja Restaurant, so now you can enjoy Indian meals at both the places. From Indian starters like crunchy papadum to an array of Indian cuisine including non-vegetarian as well as vegetarian meals are served here. Food is delicious and authentic with the right amount of spices to give you a kick. The chefs of Darbar, as well as Maharaja, use the same recipes and spices to cook the food, so the taste of both the places is similar.

3. Jagannath


Jagannath is one of the charming vegetarian restaurants in Russia where you can experience the hippie vibes. Here you can relish upon some really tasty options of vegetables cooked in various styles. They serve delicious soups and salads. When in Jagannath, you must try their soy shashlik (shish kebabs) and rye flour pasta. If you are not hungry, you can sit here and sip on some refreshing mate tea. If you are looking for vegan restaurants in Russia, this place will not disappoint you.

4. Calicano


Calicano is one of the best Mexican restaurants in Russia famous for its modern Mexican fusion. The place offers some delicious nachos, burgers, tacos, salmon salad and the churros are fantastic. Everything is placed so well here that you can never fail to notice. This quirky, modern restaurant is quite famous for its Mexican-style humus. It is one of the most famous restaurants because of the elegance and classic touch to its aesthetics. Make sure to reserve your booking in advance, this place is always full.

5. Piccolino


The meaning of Piccolino in Italian is ‘small’ and the restaurant is exactly what it means. This comfy and inviting restaurant is quite homely which is rarely found in Russia. Well known for its lip-smacking Italian food the place has friendly ambiance and the food quality is superb. The quantity of food is good and the eating experience is great. This is the place you must come if you are not interested in fancy restaurants with great décor but you want some delicious and quality food while sitting in a cozy little place.

6. Bon


This unusual restaurant is located in Moscow with black walls and bizarre décor of dripping candles and strange lampshades with Kalashnikov rifles. Designed by famous designer Philippe Starck, the interior of the restaurant is a mix of gothic style and gangster. The authentic Russian food is served here which is delicious and famous among the local elites. The place offers great food with a variety of options from European cuisine. Bon is considered one of the best restaurants in Russia.

7. Bistro Krylia


If you are looking for fast food restaurants in Russia which serve American food, you must try this place. Their specialty includes Beef burger, chicken burger, and chicken wings. The ambiance of this place is cool and they serve beer and coffee too. The specialty of the place is its vegetarian versions of many classic Russian dishes like kielbasa, sour cream, and mayonnaise.

8. Grabli


Grabli is one of the best fast food restaurants in Russia with a chain throughout Russia. They serve some great desserts and quick snacks. Their Bortsch with sour cream is delicious. They also serve coffee beer and wine. Their best deal is a 50% discount on everything they serve post 9 PM and that makes it crowded since the discount is amazing. The food quality is great and here you can enjoy Russian and European Fast food.

9. CDL


CDL is a sophisticated and elegant restaurant where the décor is inspired by the Silver Age of Russian culture. Famous for its organic dishes, you can enjoy the best flavors here. The restaurant offers a fine dining experience along with the opulent ambiance. You can hire special rooms like the Cigar Room and the Cabinet Room when you are at CDL. Moscow’s famous chef Alexander Popov creates the blend of organic flavors with authentic recipes and this is the highlight of the place. If you are looking for a luxurious dinner, you must try CDL.

From fine ding options to fast food and quirky places to authentic Mexican or Indian cuisine, restaurants in Russia offer an assortment of flavors and eating experience. There are so many different places to eat that you will definitely find the best place according to your mood, budget, and taste. Try them on your trip to Russia and share your experience with us!

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Visit The French Overseas Territories For An Amazing And Unforgettable Experience

Set deep in the waves of the Pacific, the Indian, and the Atlantic Ocean, are the French Overseas Territories. No different than the mainland in terms of charm, they are even more beautiful as they offer something that the mainland never can, the gorgeous ocean waters. Meant for every nature lover, and a perfect destination for an adventure seeker, these territories are famous for its thick forests, the spectacular scenes of mountains and waterfalls, and a number of nature parks and reserves too. If you are looking for a unique and thrilling experience, you will also find some volcanic sites to explore along with water sports like scuba diving. Young travelers often engage in activities amongst the lush vegetation, like trekking, nature photography, camping, and more.

Some of the French Overseas Territories destinations are popular among honeymooners too. These islands offer a piece of paradise, with the turquoise waters, lush woods, elite resorts and more that make any romantic holiday even more special. Another aspect of the territories that allures couples into its isles are the food and the culture. Packed with the best flavors of France are the modest, chic restaurants, while the cultural scenes of the islands are intriguing, to say the least! Let’s take a look at some of the best overseas territories of France, and all that they offer!

Here are some beautiful island destinations located in the Atlantic, Pacific and Indian Ocean. Read further to know about these amazing French overseas departments and territories:

Atlantic Ocean

Listed below are the French Overseas Territories lying in the Atlantic Ocean:

1. Guadeloupe


One of the most popular French Overseas Territory is the archipelago of Guadeloupe. With an active volcano that last erupted in 1976, it offers panoramic views of the ocean and the mountains. A must visit here is the Parc National de la Guadeloupe, which is home to the very gorgeous La Soufrière volcano. The islands also have beautiful urban areas, and hence the facilities available here are exquisite! Many cruises stop by here, so if you want to enjoy all of the French territories, you can opt for a cruise!

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2. Martinique


A perfect painting of all that is mountainous, Martinique is an elite island. For those looking for a luxurious vacation, this is the place to go to! Boasting of a spectacular city area, a stretch of white sandy beach, and restaurants serving the most flavorsome food, it is a perfect destination for couples. The city is known for its buzzing energy, whether it be the crowd of the locals or even the tourists. It is the second most popular territory after Guadeloupe. The island offers a range of activities from golf to tennis in the best of facilities.

3. Saint-Barthélemy


Soft sandy beaches, a bright and vibrant jungle, and exquisite French decor, Saint-Barthélemy is like a small tropical France. Sailboats gliding into the deep waters, the woods fragrant with Frangipanis, and the streets lined with the prettiest cafes is a picture right out of a dream! Saint-Barthélemy is a destination for people who like luxury, and are looking for a change of pace in life. The laid-back attitude of this destination is what allures people onto the isle. It is also popular for its water sports, and activities like kitesurfing, diving, paragliding, snorkeling, and scuba diving can be enjoyed best from this destination.

Some other Overseas Territories of France in the Atlantic Ocean are Saint Pierre and Miquelon.

Indian Ocean

Listed below are the beautiful territories that are located in the Indian Ocean:

4. Reunion island

Reunion island

One of the most charming isles of the overseas territories of France, Reunion Island is famous for its lush green, cool forests, cliffs overlooking the turquoise waves, and activities for the adventurous, as well as the romantic soul. Hiking is very popular here as the isle is a combination of the most exciting mountains and forests. As such, mountain biking, horse riding, and paragliding can also be enjoyed. Summits are one of the most loved views and there are a number of points all over the isle from where these views can be enjoyed. Reunion Island is also a diver’s paradise, and scuba diving and other water sports are the main attraction here!

5. Mayotte


Located in the lapping waves of the Indian Ocean, ornate with archaic volcanic mountains, a cluster of trees, and wonderfully deep ravines is Mayotte. Most of the isle is a forest and hiking is the main attraction here. The forests are rich in a number species of plants, some of which are very rare. Orchids can be found in abundance here, and vanilla is another plant that is grown here. With a huge forest comes a population of animals too. Some of the species that are found here include the roussette and lemur. The best time to visit it is the dry season. It is from May to November. It is the cooler season, and thus perfect for all kinds of activities. The coral reefs around the island are a delight to explore too.

6. French Southern and Antarctic Lands

French Southern and Antarctic Lands

The French Southern and Antarctic Lands are a group of islands that offer exciting opportunities for exploration. From volcanoes to woods, corals to marine life, these isles are the best place to explore the best of nature. When it comes to accommodation on these islands, it is very difficult to find accommodation, and tourists usually consider staying on the mainland. They are perfect for a day’s trip, so do plan a vacation here!

Pacific Ocean

Listed below are the gorgeous green territories lying in the Pacific Ocean:

7. French Polynesia

French Polynesia

Women dressed beautifully in green, with large hibiscus flowers braided into their locks, the stretch of a blonde beautiful sandy beach, and the spectacular turquoise waves lapping gently, French Polynesia is a land that is dreamt by all. Pure, lively, and exciting, this is a group of 118 islands that offer plenty of opportunities for every kind of traveler. Houses erected in the waters over stilts, streets lined with cafes and boutiques, islands surrounded by beautiful coral reef, there is nothing that French Polynesia doesn’t offer. Another attraction of this destination is the volcanic peaks, and the spectacular cliffs overlooking the ocean waters.

8. New Caledonia

New Caledonia

A blend of the best of sophisticated France, and the energy of the tropics, New Caledonia is a wonderful Overseas Territory of France. It has become a World Heritage Site, and it stays true to the title! Cuisines that breathe of style and class, resorts that boast of the best facilities, and the beaches lined with shacks serving exciting food and drinks… what more does one need! This destination is popular amongst honeymooners, for the quiet patches of the island that are perfect to enjoy some solitary romantic moments.

9. Wallis and Futuna

Wallis and Futuna

Located near Fiji and Samoa are a group of virgin islands. Known for their natural beauty that remains untouched, tourism here is slowly on the rise. The origin of most of the islands is volcanic, and hence the fertile land has abundant vegetation of all kinds. A unique aspect of these islands is that they lack all kinds of public transport while renting a car is possible. For the smaller islands, they can best be explored on foot!

Just like France, the Overseas Territories of France too have a certain charm. Packed with nature’s best blue and green hues, as well as the tropical colors, these beauties are for all kinds of travelers. Come here to explore everything from the coral reefs, to the fish, the mountains and the volcanic peaks, and the forests and cities. Shop, eat, and explore to your heart’s content! Book now with TravelTriangle!

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Choose One Of These Top 10 Wedding Venues In Jordon To Ring Your Wedding Bells

Jordan is known for its tradition of welcoming all visitors to its nation in a unique way with absolute hospitality. Jordan managed to impress the visitors with its awe-inspiring beauty, mesmerizing desert landscapes and friendly atmosphere. In the last few years time, Jordon managed to create a special place in the industry of tourism. The beauty of the nation attracted visitors so much from different corners of the globe that many decided to choose it at their destination wedding. There are several spots in Jordon which are dedicated as wedding venues and hosted several ceremonies with absolute success.

Are you are planning for a destination wedding for making your or your daughter’s wedding a memorable one? If yes, then you must know the hot venues of the nations which you can select for the grand day celebration.



Considered to one of the best wedding venues in Jordan for a perfect wedding, Madaboun is a private farm located just off the Airport Highway. It offers just the right outdoor settings for an amazing wedding in the breezy summer nights. The professional team employed at the venue ensures that every smallest detail is taken care of. The world-class catering service combined with amazing sound and lighting setup makes every single wedding celebrated here truly memorable. For people seeking beautiful outdoor wedding venues in Jordan, Madaboun is definitely the right choice.

Location: Amman, Jordan

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2. The Dome Co

The Dome Co

In addition to being conveniently located within the picturesque surroundings of the airport road, the Dome Co has gained much popularity as one of the best wedding venues in Jordan. The extremely spacious venue is well managed by a team of professional experts. All the aspects of the wedding are handled in the most efficient and stress-free manner by a professional wedding planner. From decor to sound and light setup and even the catering services and accommodation facilities, the hosts at this exotic wedding venue make sure that the guests get the best value for money.

Location: The Dome Co, Queen Alia Airport St 548, Amman, Jordan

3. Amman Dunes Club

Amman Dunes Club

The Amman Dunes Club boasts of being amongst the truly upmarket and elegant wedding venues in Jordan. Situated in the scenic settings along the airport road, the Dunes Club is just the perfect place to plan a memorable wedding. The elegant outdoors and the stylish interiors leave the wedding guests mesmerized. Moreover, the club does not place any restrictions of timings, use of sound effects and even fireworks, which further enhances the fun and excitement of the weddings. The club even offers a private valet parking facility at the entrance to the ballroom.

Location: Amman, Jordan

4. Naya Farm

Naya Farm

Renowned for its amazing ambiance and great outdoor setting, Naya farm is definitely one of the best outdoor wedding venues in Jordan. The venue features a large swimming pool, with well laid out spaces around its borders for seating the guests. The farm offers all the facilities and services to make the wedding truly exclusive and hassle-free. Along with the beautiful outdoors, the wedding guests can revel in the luxury of its richly decorated interiors. Moreover, the professional team of wedding planners is capable of taking care of every smallest detail of the wedding in a perfect manner.

Location: Airport Rd., Amman Um Al `Amad JO 16197، Airport Rd., Amman, Jordan

5. Level Farm

Level Farm

This is an exclusively designed wedding venue that offers both outdoor and indoor options. The highlight of this venue includes a forest, a cave, a house, and a tent, which ensure a truly unique and diverse experience for the guests. The romantically-themed interior decor and the great outdoor ambiance combine to make it one of the best wedding venues in Jordan. The venue can prove to be a great choice for someone looking for a fairytale wedding or seeking something different from the usual venue options.

Location: Level Farm, Khallad Bin Amr St 17, Amman, Jordan

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6. Belle Vue Farm

Belle Vue Farm

Considered to be one of the premier outdoor venues, the Belle Vue Farm is not for people seeing cheap wedding venues in Amman Jordan. The venue boasts of well landscaped and maintained spacious grounds and a richly scenic countryside that leaves the guests mesmerized. The soothing ambiance and the world-class facilities and services make the wedding day truly memorable for the wedding couple as well as their guests. The place offers countless options for clicking truly great wedding pictures with its vibrant natural backgrounds.

Location: 30, Jordan

7. Papillon Resort

Papillon Resort

This elite venue is famous for being the first choice of people looking to organize high profile weddings. With the extensive experience of running Papillon restaurants, the management of the resort is able to offer its guests a truly amazing wedding catering service. In addition, the guests are often left mesmerized by the unique seating options and the amazing sound and light setup available at the venue. Overall, Papillion Resort is truly suited for being classified amongst the top notch wedding venues in Jordan.

Location: Amman, Jordan

8. White Hall

White Hall

This elegant and stylish wedding venue is located on Airport Road and is one of the most exclusive places for a perfect wedding. The professional team working at the venue work hard to make sure that everything is as per the guests’ need and preference. The infrastructure facilities and wedding services offered are best in class and provide great value for money to the clients. The venue truly stands apart from all the other outdoor wedding venues in Jordan, making a wedding organized here special in its own way.

9. Dead Sea Marriott Resort and Spa

Dead Sea Marriott Resort and Spa

Located on the Dead Sea Road in Jordan, the Dead Sea Marriott Resort is a wedding venue of choice for the elite of the society. The venue boasts of enhanced audio-visual technology, a team of expert wedding planners and amazing caterers. The resort provides ample space for organizing the various wedding events both outdoors and indoors. In either case, the venue assures of ultimate luxury for the guests which naturally makes it beyond the reach of people seeking cheap wedding venues in Amman Jordan.

10. Exit Club

Exit Club

Even though it might not be counted amongst the best wedding venues in Jordan, it is a great choice for people seeking an affordable option. The club is located in a residential area, which creates a limitation of parking spaces available. On the other hand, the music is good and the food and catering service is pretty nice. The decor is exciting and somewhat romantic ensuring an amazing experience for the guests as well as the wedding couple celebrating their big day at this venue.

It’s true that Jordan faced the harsh challenges of technological advancements besides growing urbanization. But still, it managed to remain as one of the safest countries of the world to make an impression as the quintessential the Middle East. Choosing Jordon as your wedding destination will surely make the ceremony worth memorable and happening. For your honeymoon, you have all these international destinations to choose from.

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These Casinos In Australia: 10 Places To Let The Inner Gamer Out

Australia is the smallest and yet the most diverse continent – it’s the second driest one after Antarctica and has the world’s cleanest air. Though mining may be the largest industry in Australia, yet the pubs cover more of the Australian land as compared to the mines. With the growing popularity of Casinos in today’s life, it becomes mandatory to give a glimpse of the best casinos that Australia is a home to.

Here are some of the best casinos in the southern continent that will provide you with a wholesome luxury experience:

1. Adelaide Casino

Adelaide Casino

Located in Southern Australia, the Adelaide Casino is situated on the banks of the River Torrens. The casino offers you a mesmerizing experience with its Sky Channel feature and information touch screens.

The Adelaide Casino provides a thrilling gaming experience with a wide range of table games like Blackjack, Caribbean Stud, Baccarat, Vegas Star Roulette, Poker, Rapid Roulette and much more.

At an average, the casino provides to its customers 15 jackpot wins in a week- something you’ll not get to avail at any other casino! An additional feature of the casino is its poker zone, providing you with the option of playing tournaments or cash games. Add one more on that – the Adelaide Casino is provided with VIP Gaming Program also- The Grange Room, The Black Room, and The Platinum Room.

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2. Casino Canberra

Casino Canberra

The Casino Canberra was the first ever Casino established in the Australian continent. Though it is perhaps the only casino in Australia that doesn’t have the license for operating poker machines, it tries its best to provide a promising experience to its customers by providing a good variety of games.

As a token of love, the Casino Canberra offers a program named the Infinity Reward to its customers, which they can use to benefit themselves on the offers on food, gifts, accommodation and much more. The customers are awarded points in their Infinity Reward card at the end of every game that they have played, depending on the type of game and the duration for which it has been played.

3. Country Club Casino

Country Club Casino

With a prime location in Tasmania, the Country Club Casino provides a phenomenal experience of the beautiful Tamar Valley. It provides you with a choice of two types of accommodation: Country Club Resort and Country Club Villas.

The Country Club Resort provides you with the basic facilities like Wi-Fi, parking, bar, newspaper, swimming pool and a Golf course assuring supreme quality and comfort at your end. The Country Club Villa, on the other hand, provides you with the on-site facilities of the fitness center, spa, tennis court, and an indoor swimming pool- all at your door. It offers accommodation in the form of 1, 2 and 3 bedroom suites.

4. Crown Casino and Entertainment Complex

Crown Casino and Entertainment Complex

Situated in Melbourne, the Crown Casino and Entertainment Complex provide you with an enthralling experience of casino games like Big Wheels, Blackjack, Craps, Dice Duel, Mississippi Stud, Nutz, Pokerbo, Poker War, Roulette, and Sicbo. It also provides its customers with the special Private Poker Packages. For availing that, you need not have any experience, as it comes with a Learn to Play session.

By availing it, you can get a private table of your own along with a good number of tournament chips and a variety of options for a drink, food, and entertainment. The complex also acts as a host for many tournaments like Aussie Millions Poker Championship, Melbourne Cup Sweep Tournament, and Aussies Million Warm up Week.

5. Crown Sydney

Crown Sydney

Designed by the two times winner of the RIBA Stirling Prize, the Wilkinson Eye Architects, the Crown Sydney is uniquely located in Barangaroo. The Crown Sydney is a picturesque location with a remarkable landscape. Providing you the luxurious 6-star service, the Crown Sydney is a well-established name in Australia for providing you with the best experience in VIP Gaming.

The Crown Sydney gives you a stupendous look of the Sydney Harbour Bridge and the Sydney Opera House from its upper and middle towers. To ensure responsible gambling, the casino offers a Code of Conduct and a self-exclusion program to its customers which they need to abide by strictly.

6. Jupiter’s Hotel and Casino


Located in the Gold Coast, the Jupiter’s Hotel and Casino provide you with an experience of gaming in its exclusive private gaming rooms- The Suite and The Sovereign. It also provides a variety of casino games- gaming machines like the Golden Dollars Grand, Dragon Link, Lightening Link and Players Choice along with many table games like Roulette, Poker and Baccarat.

The casino provides the members of its club with the Scratch & Grin – which gives the members a 1 in 3 chance to win cash prizes and food and beverage vouchers. The Gold members and other higher members of the casino have more chances to win along with a possibility of winning $2,50,000 on five Thursdays exclusively!

7. Lasseters Hotel Casino

Lasseters Hotel Casino

Providing with an international standard casino, the Lasseters Hotel Casino opens daily at 9:00 am and offers you a good variety of table games along with the facility of TAB and Keto in its Sports Lounge exclusively. While the Members Lounge of the casino is exclusively available to the Lasseters members only and provides a more personalized experience.

One can join the Lasseters Rewards free of cost and the rewards are categorized on the basis of the points earned by you – Bronze (0-1999 points), Gold (2000-9999 points), Platinum (10000-39999 points), Diamond (40000-99999 points) and Diamond Plus (100,000 an above points).

8. Sky City Darwin

Sky City Darwin

At Sky City Darwin, you can play a lot of games with denomination from 1 cent to $1. It offers accommodation in the form of deluxe rooms and manor suites and has amenities like Wi-Fi, parking, bar, and swimming pool.

The Sky City Darwin offers you a wide range of atlas games like Incredible Phoenix, Buffalo Buchs, Giant’s Jackpot 2 and Gorilla Wins. Wolf Ridge, Ingotcha, Elephant King, Silk Moon, and Fortune Fury are some of the players’ favorite gambling games that Sky City Darwin offers.

9. The Star Casino

The Star Casino

With its location in Sydney and Gold Coast, the Star Casino is well known for holding the World Series of Poker Circuit Event since 2016. The World Series of Poker Circuit comprises 5 events- the Opening Event Challenge, the $5K challenge, the Main Event challenge, 6 Max Challenge and the Monster Stack.

Even more, it has games like Blackjack, Roulette, Baccarat, Money Wheel, Pai Gow, Stadium Gaming and many more which provide a thrilling gaming experience with this wide range of table games. It also provides a more personalized experience to its members.

With the services they offer, these casinos in Australia are definitely a prime destination for those who are fond of gaming and gambling. If you are in for a more thorough experience, keep some time aside for these when booking your trip to Australia! Take some luck with you, you’ll need it!

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Top Five Airports In New Zealand For A Memorable NZ Beginning

New Zealand is divided into two primary islands, with various air terminals on each, giving international and domestic air connections. In any case, investigating the Land of the Long White Clouds can be made more enjoyable via air flight as every single incredible experience to New Zealand begins with booking a trip. So, here is a list of airports in New Zealand for your convenience.

There are five New Zealand international airports taking entries from everywhere throughout the world, so choosing where you need to begin your New Zealand trip and where you are flying from will decide your New Zealand entry air terminal.

1. Christchurch Airport

Christchurch Airport

Worldwide flights work individually to and from four Australian terminals including Brisbane, Sydney, Gold Coast, and Melbourne, with non-stop flights between Perth amid summer. Flights likewise run consistently to and from Singapore and Fiji. Worldwide Airlines flying into Christchurch incorporate Air New Zealand, Emirates, China Airlines, Fiji Airways, Qantas, Jetstar, Virgin Australia and Singapore Airlines. Domestic flights between New Zealand airports flights are worked via Air New Zealand, Air Chathams and Jetstar and interface with various places in the North, South and Chatham Islands.

Services at the Airport: With a total of 20 retail outlets offering books and magazines, wine, garments, pharmaceuticals, bars, and restaurants, you can go enjoy being here at the airport terminal.

  • Bus: Normal Metro Bus operates between airplane terminal and the city. You can purchase your tickets for bus number 29 from the driver; they one-way ticket costs $8 and return costs $14.
  • Shuttle: It takes about 30 min to travel via shuttle. It costs approximately $30 for two persons and $25 for one individual.
  • Taxi: There are many taxi organizations accessible with different cost ranges. Cabs authorized to work from the airplane terminal are required to meet the air terminal organization’s administration benchmarks. In case you are making a trip to the air terminal by taxi, ensure you permit a lot of time.
  • Car rental: Various rental vehicle organizations work from both terminal structures.

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2. Queenstown Airport

Queenstown Airport

It one of the significant air terminal of New Zealand and the Southern Lakes Region. Located in Frankton, the international flights are available between Queenstown and Brisbane, Melbourne, Sydney, and the Gold Coast. It is New Zealand main airport that is being intensely utilized for visitor flightseeing, particularly to Aoraki Mount Cook and Milford Sound and is New Zealand’s busiest helicopter port. Private planes are also developing a business sector at the airport with airplane presently flying direct from and West Coast of the US and North Asia.

Services at the Airport: If you require an espresso, daily paper, garments, or to any gift in transit then you can have a look at air terminal retail locations. You will find a vast number of shopping outlets where you can enjoy duty and Tax-Free shopping. There are also a lot of restrooms situated all through the terminal building. In case you have baggage, pursue the signs to the Bag Claim zone. Trolleys are provided free for your benefit. You can also peruse convenience and transport alternatives on Freephone board alongside International Arrivals or, if you have to make a telephone call, free telephones are situated at Bag Claim.

  • Bus: Located 10 km from the town center in Frankton; the bus service charges $10 to $12 per individual (adult) and $5.50 (children).
  • Shuttle: It takes 20 min to travel via shuttle with charges of $10 per person individual.
  • Taxi: It takes about 15 min to reach Queenstown Airport via taxi with ticket charges of approximately $45.
  • Car rental: Door-to-door taxi services are available at regular intervals. The Tourism Queenstown Kiosk adjacent to Bag Claim and staff can help with you for bookings.

3. Dunedin Airport

Dunedin Airport

It is the third busiest and biggest New Zealand south island airport after Queenstown and Christchurch Airport. This Airport has non-stop flights to Wellington, Auckland, Christchurch and corresponding flights to other provincial focuses operated by Jetstar and Air New Zealand.

Services at the Airport: The specialty of this place is naturally made Japanese food accessible from Skyline Sushi, alongside excellent espresso and a choice of delectable treats at Coffee chamber close to the escalator. Airspresso’s Fuel to Fly becomes the dominant focal point on level 1, with the accessibility of the quality dishes in both individually and cabinet and la carte offerings. Also, the airport also has a Visitor help desk, toilets, showers, bookshops, bistros, bar, ATM, electronic games and play area for kids.

  • Shuttle: Located 29 km from the south city center in Momona; the shuttle service to Dunedin Airport costs approximately $20 for one individual and $30 for two persons.
  • Taxi: It takes about 20 to 30 min to reach Dunedin Airport via taxi. It costs around $90 for taxi travels between the airplane terminal and the downtown area.
  • Car rental: Various rental vehicle organizations have offices at the terminal for bookings
  • Limousine: It charges $85 to the city center and takes approximately 25 min.

4. Auckland Airport

Auckland Airport

Located 20 km from the south city center, it is the most prominent and busiest air terminal of New Zealand. It has two buildings each working for worldwide and domestic flights with free shuttle transport between the two. Every significant airline that serves New Zealand flies into Auckland Airport. It is one of the well-connected areas of the nation with domestic flights worked via Air New Zealand, Jetstar, and many other different service providers.

Services at the Airport: It has free Wi-Fi access and storage facilities for baggage. You can find a vast scope of tax-exempt shopping facilities over 100 retail outlets; bistros, pharmacies, eateries, bars, currency exchange, ATM, phones, wheelchair facility, baby changing rooms and nursery and playground for children.

  • Bus: A free bus operates every 15 min between terminals. A sky bus is available for the airport to city transport that runs 24 hours. It offers family passes as well as free travel for children. The tickets of the Sky bus are available online at kiosks.
  • Shuttle: It takes roughly 60 min to travel via shuttle. One of the most cost-effective methods of travel, it also offers various discounts. Discounts are applicable if at least two individuals go together – roughly $8 per extra individual. Shuttles can also be shared with other groups of individuals.
  • Taxi: At the international terminal, taxi stands are located outside the entries zone (entryway 8) and at the domestic terminal they are located outside the Jetstar forecourt. Due to heavy traffic, traveling in a taxi can make the journey longer.
  • Car rental: Various rental vehicle are present. Bookings in advance are strongly suggested.

5. Wellington Airport

Wellington Airport

Operated as a joint endeavor between Infratil and the Wellington City Council, the Wellington airport is situated in the suburb of Rongotai. The airplane terminal connects numerous New Zealand places with national and territorial transporters, additionally has connections to significant urban areas in eastern Australia.

Services at the Airport: It has family facilities, first aid, medical & emergency services, Baggage Storage, free wireless internet, New Zealand airports map help services, Conference Centre. You can also surf the web and relax at a PC station or rest your eyes previously your trip in one of the lounges.

  • Bus: The Stagecoach Airport Flyer bus keeps running from the air terminal from 6.35am to 9.25pm (Monday to Friday), and 7 am to 8.45pm (Saturdays, Sundays and holidays). Air terminal Flyer leaves from the southern end of the airplane terminal; level 0. The route goes through the downtown area and till lower Hutt. The toll relies upon how far you are voyaging. Usually, the 30 min journey of bus charges $4.20 to $9.00 per individual
  • Shuttle: It takes roughly 20 min to travel via shuttle $20 per individual and $25 for two persons.
  • Taxi: The 20 min journey of taxi charges $30 to $40

Getting around on open transport is simple with these airports in New Zealand. Most urban communities have transport frameworks connecting with the neighborhood airplane terminal. In fact, you can decide the airport you want to land in before taking a trip to New Zealand.

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10 Best Indian Restaurants In San Francisco Where One Can Relish The Rich Flavors Of Indian Cuisine!

Whenever you are outside your country, you miss your family the most. Have you ever thought what do you miss about it? If you think patiently, you will get one answer: ‘The Food’. Whether it is cooked by your mom or from your favorite restaurant, it is really difficult for Indians to live days after days without tasting a bit of Indian food.

Now, when you are in San Francisco, you will definitely visit the marvels around. But, if you crave for Indian cuisine, where should you go? Here is a great list of the best Indian restaurants in San Francisco that will not let you feel much homesick.

If you want to make your trip to San Francisco even spicier and full of entertainment, then head towards these Indian restaurants in San Francisco downtown.

1. August (1) Five

fabulous restaurant

It is really challenging to begin the list of the best Indian restaurant in San Francisco with a vegetarian restaurant. But, once you are here, you will definitely find something that is more appealing than butter chicken or chicken tikka. Vegetables in herbs spices are the main attraction of this restaurant.

Rating: 4.5/5
Address: 524 Van Ness Ave, San Francisco, CA 94102-3215
Opening Hours: 5 PM-9:30 PM (Sun, Tue & Thu), 11 AM-2 PM (Tue-Fri), 10:30 AM-2PM (Sat-Sun)

2. Taj Campton Place Restaurant

Luxury restaurant

How about spending an evening with someone special in a romantic ambiance? You can get that at this restaurant. And the food over here is just the cherry on the cake. Those lip-smacking dishes from the expert chefs are the way to her heart.

Ratings: 4.5/5
Address: 340 Stockton St, San Francisco, CA 94108-4609
Opening Hours: Sun-Sat: 7.00 am- 11.00pm

3. Dosa on Fillmore

restaurant place

Do you crave for South Indian foods? Then, you should narrow down your search for the best South Indian restaurant San Francisco downtown. And there is nothing better than this one. Besides the South Indian delicacy, you will remember this restaurant for their amazing spice-infused cocktails.

Ratings: 4.5/5
Address: 1700 Fillmore St, San Francisco, CA 94115-3130
Opening Hours: 5:30 PM – 10 PM (Sun-Mon), 5:30 PM – 11 PM (Tue-Thu), 11:30 AM – 2:30 AM (Wed-Fri), 5:30 PM – 12 AM (Fri-Sat), 11:30 AM – 3 PM (Sat-Sun)

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4. Shalimar

restaurant from front

While talking about the upscale Indian restaurant San Francisco, this will be definitely on the top of the list. Shalimar is the combination of simplicity with great taste which reflects in the variant flavors of the Indian delicacies. So, once you are here, you can find that taste you used to get in your mom’s recipes.

Ratings: 4/5
Address: 532 Jones St, San Francisco, CA 94102-2008
Opening Hours: 11:30 AM – 10:30 PM (Sun-Sat)

5. Amber

restaurant view

How about enjoying a buffet dinner at any new Indian restaurant in San Francisco? Come to Amber where you can experience a completely new and modern kind of Indian cuisine. Once you taste the ‘Duck Tinka Kebab’ here, with your favorite cocktail, you will spend your every evening in San Francisco here.

Ranking: 4.5/5
Address: 25 Yerba Buena Ln, San Francisco, CA 94103-3183
Opening Hours: 5PM – 10PM (Sun-Thu), 11:30 AM – 2:30 PM (Mon-Fri), 5 PM-10:30 PM (Fri-Sat), 12 PM-3 PM (Sat-Sun)

6. Little Delhi Restaurants

delicious food

The name suggests the type of cuisines available here. You can get the flavor of Delhi in San Francisco once you are here. To experience the authentic Delhi delights, like Saag Paneer, Chicken tandoori, etc. you just need to head towards Little Delhi Restaurants. Apart from the authentic Indian cuisine, you will also find varieties of appetizers, like soups, bread, salads, and all.

Ratings: 4/5
Address: 83 Eddy St, San Francisco, CA 94102-2821
Opening Hours: 11:30 AM – 11 PM (Sun-Sat)

7. Rooh


You can enjoy a la carte services at the lunch, but if you are here for dining, you can have a unique experience. You get the opportunity to taste special treat with the nightly chef on that day. Once you are here, don’t miss their Tandoori Monkfish and the special cocktail chain. The cocktails are based on the Ayurveda and prepared with homemade shrubs, Indian spices, and artisanal spirits.

Ratings: 4.5/5
Address: 333 Brannan St, San Francisco, CA 94107-1810
Opening Hours: 11:00 AM – 2:30 PM (Sun), 4 PM – 10 PM (Mon – Thu), 11:30 AM – 2:30 PM
(Mon – Fri), 4 PM – 11 PM (Fri), 5:30 PM – 11 PM (Sat)

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8. Udupi Palace


If any restaurant can make you love vegetarian food from the bottom of your heart that is Udupi Palace. When you are served with the crispy dosa platter with your favorite sambar and chutney, you will feel like being in heaven! Don’t forget to try their special uttapam.

Ratings: 4.5/5
Address: 1007 Valencia St, San Francisco, CA 94110-2405
Opening Hours: 12 PM – 10 PM (Sun-Sat)

9. Aslam’s Rasoi

creamy food

This is definitely one of the best Indian restaurants in San Francisco. Whether it is the ambiance of the restaurant or the food or the skilled staff, they have really excelled in every field. Once you are here, go for their amazing recipes of starters. Indian-style pakoras, seafood stuffed chickpea fritters, stuffed and freshly baked naan, etc. are must try over there. You can give your meal a complete culmination with the fuming mug of spiced and flavored tea.

Ratings: 4.5/5
Address: 1037 Valencia St, San Francisco, CA 94110-2405
Opening Hours: 5 PM – 11 PM (Sun-Sat)

10. Mela Tandoori Kitchen

indian restaurant

The variety you can get here directly from the tandoor is unmatched to anywhere. Whether it is different types of kebabs or naan and rotis, Mela Tandoori Kitchen is the other name of the variety. Another thing that is special about this restaurant is that the awesome line of desserts. Don’t miss the faluda and another type of unique flavored ice creams, available here.

Ratings: 4.5/5
Address: 536 Golden Gate Ave, San Francisco, CA 94102-3221
Opening Hours: Sun- 8 PM – 12 AM (Sun), 8 PM – 12 AM (Tue-Thu), 8 PM – 2 AM (Fri-Sat)

So, this is the list of the top Indian restaurants in San Francisco where you can find the best Indian cuisines. Whether you prefer traditional and authentic cuisine or it is something modern and fusion you love, you can spend your beautiful evening with the wonderful dining experience at these restaurants. And while you keep a check on these restaurants, don’t forget to plan your vacation to San Francisco with TravelTriangle!

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